2016 March Madness TV schedule, how to watch live stream, tip times

This is where and when to watch all 67 games of the NCAA Tournament. Once again, CBS Sports and Turner Sports will air every game across four national television networks — TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV — and you can watch every game on NCAA March Madness Live.

Are you aware of just how easy it’s going to be to stream the tournament on your phone, tablet and Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire? Very easy. Here’s how you can do it.

Note: TBS has the national title game this year. It will air on Monday, April 4. And TBS will televise the NCAA Final Four on April 2, beginning at 6 p.m. The Elite Eight’s Saturday games (March 26) will be aired on CBS, while TBS will get the Sunday (Marcy 27) pair of regional finals.

CBS will broadcast 21 NCAA Tournament games; the other three Turner networks will cover the remaining 46.

Below, the tip times, locations, announcing crews and TV schedule for the 2016 NCAA Tournament

All times p.m. and Eastern.



6:30, truTV: No. 16 Florida Gulf Coast vs. No. 16 Fairleigh Dickinson (Andrew Catalon, Steve Lappas, Jamie Erdahl)

Approx. 9:00, truTV: No. 11 Vanderbilt vs. No. 11 Wichita State (Catalon/Lappas /Erdahl)


6:30, truTV: No. 16 Holy Cross vs. No. 16 Southern (Carter Blackburn, Mike Gminski, Jaime Maggio)

Approx. 9:00, truTV: No. 11 Michigan . vs. No. 11 Tulsa (Blackburn/Gminski/Maggio)

Round of 64

Thursday Afternoon Window

Noon, CBS: No. 4 Duke vs. No. 13 UNC Wilmington (Ian Eagle, Chris Webber, Len Elmore, Evan Washburn)

12:30, truTV: No. 8 Texas Tech vs. No. 9 Butler (Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, Dan Bonner, Lewis Johnson)

1:00, TNT: No. 8 Colorado vs. No. 9 Connecticut (Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill, Tracy Wolfson)

1:30, TBS: No. 4 Iowa State vs. No. 13 Iona (Catalon/Lappas/Erdahl)

Approx. 2:30, CBS: No. 5 Baylor vs. No. 12 Yale (Eagle/Webber/Elmore/Washburn)

Approx. 3:00, truTV: No. 1 Virginia vs. No. 16 Hampton (Harlan/Miller/Bonner/Johnson)

Approx. 3:50, TNT: No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 16 Austin Peay (Nantz/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson)

Approx. 4:20, TBS: No. 5 Purdue vs. No. 12 Little Rock (Catalon/Lappas/Erdahl)

Thursday Evening Window

6:45, TNT, No. 3 Miami vs. No. 14 Buffalo (Eagle/Webber/Elmore/Washburn)

7:00, CBS: No. 5 Indiana vs. No. 12 Chattanooga (Nantz/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson)

7:15, TBS: No. 1 North Carolina vs. FGCU-Dickinson winner (Harlan/Miller/Bonner/Johnson)

7:15, truTV: No. 3 Utah vs. No. 14 Fresno State (Catalon/Lappas/Erdahl)

Approx. 9:15, TNT: No. 6 Arizona vs. Vandy-Wichita State winner (Eagle/Webber/Elmore/Washburn)

Approx. 9:30, CBS: No. 4 Kentucky vs. No. 13 Stony Brook (Nantz/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson)

Approx. 9:45, TBS: No. 8 USC vs. No. 9 Providence (Harlan/Miller/Bonner/Johnson)

Approx. 9:55, truTV: No. 6 Seton Hall vs. No. 11 Gonzaga (Catalon/Lappas/Erdahl)

Friday Afternoon Window

Noon, CBS: No. 7 Dayton vs. No. 10 Syracuse (Brian Anderson, Steve Smith, Dana Jacobson)

12:30, truTV: No. 1 Villanova vs. No. 16 UNC Asheville (Verne Lundquist, Jim Spanarkel, Allie LaForce)

1:30, TNT: No. 7 Oregon State vs. No. 10 VCU (Blackburn/Gminski/Maggio)

2:00, TBS: No. 4 California vs. No. 13 Hawaii (Spero Dedes, Doug Gottlieb, Ros Gold-Onwude)

Approx. 2:30, CBS: No. 2 Michigan State vs. No. 15 Middle Tennessee State (Anderson/Smith/Jacobson)

Approx. 3:00, truTV: No. 7 Iowa vs. No. 10 Temple (Lundquist/Spanarkel/LaForce)

Approx. 3:50, TNT: No. 2 Oklahoma vs. No. 15 CSU Bakersfield (Blackburn/Gminski/Maggio)

Approx. 4:20, TBS: No. 5 Maryland vs. No. 15 South Dakota State (Dedes/Gottlieb/Gold-Onwude)

Friday Evening Window

6:45, TNT, No. 7 Wisconsin vs. No. 10 Pittsburgh (Anderson/Smith/Jacobson)

7:00, CBS: No. 3 West Virginia vs. No. 14 Stephen F. Austin (Lundquist/Spanarkel/LaForce)

7:15, TBS: No. 3 Texas A&M vs. No. 14 Green Bay (Blackburn/Gminski/Maggio)

7:15, truTV: No. 1 Oregon vs. Holy Cross-Southern winner (Dedes/Gottlieb/Gold-Onwude)

Approx. 9:15, TNT: No. 2 Xavier vs. No. 15 Weber State (Anderson/Smith/Jacobson)

Approx. 9:30, CBS: No. 6 Notre Dame vs. No. Michigan-Tulsa winner (Lundquist/Spanarkel/LaForce)

Approx. 9:45, TBS: No. 6 Texas vs. No. 11 Northern Iowa (Blackburn/Gminski/Maggio)

Approx. 9:55, truTV: No. 8 Saint Joseph’s vs. No. 9 Cincinnati (Dedes/Gottlieb/Gold-Onwude)

The tournament begins on Tuesday night in Dayton, Ohio. (USATSI)


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