99 percent of CBS Sports brackets are busted after Little Rock’s win

It did not take more than a few hours of March Madness for most of the NCAA Tournament brackets on CBS Sports to be busted. In fact, after Arkansas Little-Rock’s thrilling double overtime victory against Purdue only 1 percent of our fan brackets were still perfect.

Of course maintaining a perfect bracket also meant calling UConn’s win against Colorado, Butler’s grinding victory against Texas Tech and picking favorites Duke, Iowa State and Virginia to win their first games.

It also meant correctly picking the other 12-over-5 upset of the day, Yale’s win against Baylor to notch the program’s first-ever NCAA tournament victory. Yale’s win left just 5.8 percent of the CBS Sports brackets perfect, and then Little Rock did the rest of the work to get us down to the final 1 percent.

This is similar to what happened last year, when early losses by Baylor and Iowa State on Thursday left more than 99 percent of the brackets busted.

No. 12 seed Little Rock did damage many brackets.(USATSI)
No. 12 seed Little Rock did damage to many brackets. (USATSI)


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