NFL Odds And Lines

Vegas Sports Betting has put together an NFL Odds and Lines section where we provide Vegas Odds and Betting Lines from the best online Sportsbooks.

NFL sports betting has become the leading wagering sport in the world which is why we sacrifice an entire section on our website devoted completely to NFL odds and lines. With all the resources available nowadays, sports betting has become more of a profession rather than a pastime.

NFL Odds And Lines
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With so many different wagering options, each sports betting odds have become more important as many of us analyse in depth why each line is altered from the opening odd. In this section, you will be able to see Moneylines, Point Spreads (1st half, 2nd half and Full) as well as the opening odds. In addition, we show through our color scheme, which lines have altered in the last 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 8 minutes.

We will now further discuss the different NFL Odds available to bet on.


This is the simplest of bets. Moneyline is basically the outright winner. These types of bets usually have a favorite and an underdog. If you are sure that a team is to win the game, then this is the type of wager you should take. The majority of online sportsbooks offer moneyline for their users but every websites odds are different from each other which is why we put all of the Live odds on the same page. This will help you select the most favorable lines. An example is the New England Patriots being -200 favorites against the New York Jets as +160 underdogs. If you are to go with the Patriots to win SU (Straight Up) then you are risking two dollars to win one. In opposition, if you are to take the Jets SU, then your one dollar will give you 1.40$ in return.

Point Spread

NFL point spreads are the most popular type of sports betting in the world. Many of us thoroughly examine the sports betting odds to examine where Vegas and the public is leaning towards. A slight alteration of the lines could mean so much to a bettor. If we use the same example mentioned above and the spread is set at New England -5.5, it means that The Patriots must win by six points in order to cover your bet. The NFL Odds alter on a daily basis. It is up to you to recognize the advantages when they come along.

As a player, some of the advantages that are offered to you in our NFL odds and Lines Section are:

· Finding the best odds for a given NFL game from our top online sportsbooks which can in turn make you sign up to a new website and receive great bonuses

· How much the NFL spread has altered in a given week

· You can click on any odd from the table and it will show you how many times the line was changed