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NFL Betting is known, among all the sportsbooks, to be the highest wagering sport in all of the online sports betting industry. Just Click on any of the topics on our menu and start studying the vegas odds given for a particular NFL week.


nfl Officials

official name ats home record home score away score ou record
Alex Kemp 9-6 23.60 21.40 9-6
Bill Vinovich 8-8 24.81 23.00 6-9-1
Brad Allen 6-6-3 23.00 21.73 6-9
Carl Cheffers 9-7 26.44 17.06 6-10
Clay Martin 8-7 23.40 20.20 6-9
Clete Blakeman 5-10-1 23.31 24.25 6-10
Craig Wrolstad 6-9 21.00 18.27 3-12
Doug Toole 0-1 7.00 20.00 0-1
Jerome Boger 4-9-2 26.13 24.87 11-4
John Hussey 10-6 28.44 20.00 6-10
John Parry 8-7-1 26.38 23.44 10-6
Pete Morelli 8-7 22.80 21.93 6-9
Ron Torbert 1-6 21.86 27.14 3-4
Ronald Torbert 3-5 25.12 27.12 5-3
Shawn Hochuli 6-8-1 24.27 19.73 6-9
Shawn Smith 6-8-1 25.13 25.87 11-4
Tony Corrente 9-6-1 24.75 21.50 7-8-1
Walt Anderson 6-9-1 22.44 27.00 8-8
Walt Coleman 9-7 26.06 19.75 8-8

For everybody who lives in the cold, the NFL season gives us a reason to stay in the polar temperatures. It is also a time where professional sports bettors make 90% of their annual income. With 17 regular season weeks, you can be sure to find at least one NFL odd that you believe can make you some dough. With the help of many pages on Vegas Sports Betting such as NFL Matchups, NFL Previews, NFL Stats and NFL Standings, you can be sure that you will all of the necessary stuff for your sports betting needs. Once you are finished researching and it is time to place a bet, check out our sportsbook affiliates who offer the safest way to place a wager and take advantage of their bonus offers.

NFL Betting

There are many different types of NFL sports betting odds to choose from and we will discuss the many different wagers given by our sports books.

    • NFL Over/ Under:  This type of bet is one of the popular for NFL bettors. All you do is choose if a game will go over or under a specific total. If both teams go over and you chose that line, then you win.
    • NFL Lines or Spreads: This is the simplest form of NFL sports betting. It involves choosing a game with a spread. For each game, There is a favorite and an underdog. According to the line, a favorites line is always – and an underdog is always a +. If the spread for a game is set at -5 for the New York Giants, then the Giants will have to win the game by 5 to cover. On the other hand if the Washington Redskins odds are set at +5, then the Redskins can cover the bet if they lose by five or less or win.
    •  NFL Moneyline : The bet is simply choosing the winner. If a favorite is your selection, the risk will be higher.
    • NFL Props: NFL Props betting has increasingly become a favorite for sports bettors. It is when you select a player proposition such as “will Tom Brady Throw 3 td’s” or “will Adrian Peterson rush for over 100 yards”. There are also season propositions where you have the choice to bet on things such as NFL Standings.

All of these types of sports betting odds are offered by our Sportsbook affiliates.