A fond farewell to baseball betting in the Las Vegas book – for now

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It’s no surprise to find me hanging out in a sportsbook. In fact, I’m in the Red Rock sportsbook right now. I visited the book over the weekend just to hang out, relax and have a couple of beers – like I might normally do on any given night. 

However, my experience was just the opposite of the “hanging out and relaxing” that I was looking for. Silly me, it was the weekend and the sportsbook was packed and full of excitement like it always is for football. Bleh.

Most of the time, I love the excitement of watching football in the book. The sportsbook is even better when multiple sports are in action. Over the weekend, there was baseball, football, basketball, hockey and horses on the big beautiful screens at Red Rock Resort. The one thing that was missing was a place to sit to watch the games. I wasn’t in the mood to stand to watch games that I didn’t have a wager on. As I said already, I really just wanted to hang out, watch the games and have a couple of drinks.

I visited the sportsbook on the kind of night most people usually think about when describing how great a Las Vegas book can be. The atmosphere was great but it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for. The experience already had me pining for the dog days of baseball in the summer of 2016. Baseball season wasn’t even over and I already missed the relaxing days and nights in the sportsbook.

Today, the World Series is over and the Kansas City Royals are champions. The playoffs weren’t great as a whole but most of the teams were fun to watch throughout the season and there were some incredible moments during the playoffs. Joey “Bat flip” had me almost losing my mind. I love baseball and everything about it. Most of all I’ll love watching baseball in the book.

Sure, I like to wager on the games but it’s baseball that I love. I feel as though I talk about baseball like my father did when I was a kid. There’s a feeling from baseball that isn’t matched by any other sport. Watching and wagering on baseball in the sportsbook is one of the most relaxing feelings there is in Las Vegas. I miss that but it will be back sooner than anyone expects it.

Don’t mistake a preference for distaste. I will continue to have plenty of great times watching football and other sports in different books around Las Vegas this winter. However, there’s something special to me about the calm nature of watching baseball in the sportsbook and I can’t wait for it to return.

We’re already around 100 days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training and I can’t wait. In the meantime I might just have to order Vodka and Red Bull instead of beer when I’m in the book.


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