A Recent History of NFL Teams Who Start 6-0 Broncos Bengals Packers

After six weeks of NFL action, three teams stand with perfect 6-0 records. The Bengals, Broncos, and Packers have all reached the six win mark while the Patriots and Panthers (both 5-0) will attempt to do the same this weekend.

Being perfect after your first six games has treated teams well since 2007, as 10 out of the 11 teams (90.0%) to start 6-0 during that period have made the playoffs. Six of the eleven (54.5%) have advanced to at least the conference finals, while four (36.4%) made it all the way to the Super Bowl. Only one team who started 6-0 during the period, the New Orleans Saints, won the Super Bowl.

So, if that’s not enough math for you, here’s some more. Based on the 36.4% chance that since 2007 six of eleven teams who started 6-0 made it to the Super Bowl, statistics tell us that there’s a 74.2% chance that at least one of the current 6-0 teams will be playing in the Super Bowl.

All three 6-0 teams are on a bye this week. Out of the three, the team with the hardest remaining schedule is the Broncos whose opponents combine for a .568 win percentage. The Broncos also have the distinction of being the only team since 2007 to start the season 6-0 and not make the playoffs. In 2009 they finished the season 8-8 after a 6-0 start. It would be an epic collapse if this year’s version of the Broncos missed the playoffs as they currently have a four game lead in the AFC West.

If you like what the statistics tell us about teams who start 6-0, see where the current undefeated teams stand in our most recent conference and Super Bowl futures updates. 


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