ACC will review Duke’s Grayson Allen trip of Florida State player

Grayson Allen appeared to trip a FSU player in the final moments of Duke’s win on Thursday. (Vine/ESPN)

For the second time this month, Duke’s Grayson Allen tripped up an opponent on the basketball floor in a way that looked intentional. On Feb. 8 against Louisville, the star sophomore and ACC Player of the Year candidate was whistled for a flagrant foul for tripping Ray Spalding.

Thursday’s apparent trip of Florida State guard Xavier Rathan-Mayes, in the final moments of Duke’s 15-point home win against the Seminoles, did not get penalized by the officials.

After the game Allen told the Fayetteville (N.C) Observer that Rathan-Mayes “wanted to keep playing physical” despite the deficit and “we ended up tangling up and falling.”

Allen believes that teams are playing him and freshman Brandon Ingram physical to try and wear them down and make them uncomfortable. With both players on the floor for nearly every minute of the game, that ends up in a lot of wear and tear, but it’s still no excuse for tripping an opponent. What might be clever gamesmanship once has become a really bad look for Duke’s star guard, especially since it’s gotten the attention of the ACC league office.

ACC senior associate commissioner Paul Brazeau told ESPN on Thursday night the league will review the game, including the tripping incident. A suspension seems unlikely after the fact, particularly with no foul called in the first place, but Allen has ventured into “repeated violator” status with this tripping stunt and could find himself in a tough spot the next time this happens, regardless of intent.

I mean, it’s a really, really bad look when there is a supercut of you tripping players on Vine with millions of loops.

Of course Allen can always respond with the trusty “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” excuse.