Action between Packers/Seahawks as tight as ever – 09-04-2014


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The NFL season opener is a marquee matchup between the
Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. With this line
opening months ago there has been plenty of time for action and
movement on the Seahawks -6 line.

“We opened Seahawks a solid 6 point favorite all the way back
in April and as of today, we haven’t had to move off that
number,” Michael Stewart of told Covers.
“Amazing that after 5 months, there hasn’t been any kind of
injury and unbalanced action to move our number.  Since
hanging this number, we’ve seen great 2 way action and even
today, bets and money is split down the middle on both

Despite all the action remaining close on the spread side,
the total action has been the exact opposite.

“We opened at 45 and basically dealt that number for the past
five months, but after checking our charts about two weeks
ago we felt we had to move this game up a 1/2 point as over
money was starting to take it’s toll,” Stewart says. “Then
earlier this week we booked some sharp over money, so we
moved aggressively from 45.5 straight to 46.5. We’re
currently dealing 47.5 as 75 percent of the action is on the


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