Adam Eaton may have the only throwback jersey Chris Sale’s scissors didn’t cut up

Last week, the White Sox started the rebuilding process by trading staff ace Chris Sale and starting right fielder Adam Eaton. Chicago acquired seven prospects in the two trades, including their top four prospects according to

Sale, of course, had a few run-ins with the White Sox brass in 2016. There was the Drake LaRoche incident during spring training, then in July, Sale literally cut up the team’s 1976 throwback jerseys because he finds them uncomfortable and didn’t want to wear them on the mound.

Chris Sale is not a fan of throwback jerseys. USATSI

During an appearance on CSN’s White Sox Talk podcast earlier this week, Eaton said he saved his throwback jersey from Sale’s scissors. It’s currently at his home. From CSN Chicago:

“I think there was quite an audience,” Eaton told Chuck Garfien. “And it was comical. I love Chris to death, and the beauty of Chris is that anything Chris does, he does full-bore. May it be working hard at baseball, may it be a bullpen, may it be a game.

“I think I may have the only one that didn’t get cut up. I secretly yanked mine down when he wasn’t looking, and as of right now I think – besides the coaches; the coaches are one thing – but I want to know for sure that I’m the only player that didn’t get his cut up.”

Eaton also said he hopes he can get the jersey to Sale at some point so he can autograph it. That should be a fun conversation.

The Red Sox and Nationals do not play in 2017, though they both hold spring training in Florida, so maybe Eaton can get the jersey to Sale in March. If not, maybe they’ll see each other at the All-Star Game. The Red Sox and Nats sure hope so.

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