Amid ongoing NCAA probe, Louisville proactively punishes itself again

We’ve still got some time to bide before the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions investigation into the Louisville escort scandal is finished and a formal Notice of Allegations is handed down.

In advance of that, Louisville has been proactive in punishing itself in an effort to lighten the NCAA’s impact. The most notable and harmful of these was of course the self-ban on the 2016 postseason.

Now, two days removed from the end of the NCAA Tournament, Louisville has again announced more self-inflicted sanctions. They aren’t major, but they’re nonetheless the latest actions showing how seriously Louisville is taking the matter. In “an effort to close this difficult chapter as soon as possible consistent with NCAA enforcement procedures,” Louisville will take away one scholarship for the 2017-18 season and another in the 2018-19 season. The program is taking “24 percent” of its recruiting days away for the 2016 period by taking 30 total days away from its staff. The third part of the self-imposed punishment is a reduction in official visits for recruits, from two to one for next season and the season after.

The final punishment is barely that, but it’s on the books all the same. Louisville calls these measures “consistent with NCAA legislation.”

Specific details and comments on the case on behalf of Louisville cannot be made, per NCAA rules, until the investigation is completed.

The self-sanctioning keeps coming, but Pitino has not been hit yet. (USATSI)


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