AP Poll: Kentucky still No. 1, no newcomers in this week’s poll


Jay Wright has Villanova sixth overall right now. (USATSI)
Jay Wright has Villanova sixth overall right now. (USATSI)

The top-eight teams remained the same and there are no newcomers or departures in this week’s Associated Press Top-25 poll.

Kentucky remained on top of the pile with a unanimous 65 first-place votes again, followed by Virginia, Gonzaga, Duke and Wisconsin.

The biggest riser of the week was Arkansas, who jumped from No. 24 to No. 18 after picking up a pair of road wins over Ole Miss and Auburn. Louisville and North Carolina each dropped three spots this week after Saturday losses to North Carolina State and Pittsburgh, respectively.

The biggest story from this week’s poll though is that, again, once you enter the poll it’s awfully difficult to depart. There were no newcomers or departures from the poll from last week, despite losses from Oklahoma State, Ohio State, West Virginia and VCU. That’s not to say those teams aren’t deserving — they’re as deserving as anyone else in the 20-40 range of teams — but it does show that incumbency is the easiest path to poll success at this point in this crazy, topsy-turvy season.

Here is the full poll.

1. Kentucky (65 first-place votes)

2. Virginia

3. Gonzaga

4. Duke

5. Wisconsin

6. Villanova

7. Arizona

8. Kansas

9. Utah

10. Notre Dame

11. Northern Iowa

12. Louisville

13. Wichita State

14. Iowa State

15. North Carolina

16. Maryland

17. Oklahoma

18. Arkansas

19. Butler

20. Baylor

21. SMU

22. Oklahoma State

23. West Virginia

24. Ohio State

25. VCU

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