AP Poll: Oklahoma remains at No. 2 despite 3-OT loss to No. 1 Kansas

A hearty congratulations to the logical collective mind of the AP voters, who on Monday kept the top of the AP poll just as it was a week ago: Kansas first, Oklahoma second. The Jayhawks and Sooners’ triple-overtime classic on Jan. 4 saw Oklahoma lose on the road, but with the Sooners’ double-digit home win over K-State on Saturday, the Big 12 keeps the top two teams in the country.

Maryland and Michigan State stay steady in their three and four spots, respectively, while preseason No. 1 UNC is back into the top five after its road win against Syracuse on Saturday night. There are two undefeated teams left in college hoops, but they’re separated by nine spots in the latest poll. SMU is in the top 10, while Frank Martin’s Gamecocks are slowly but surely moving up with each week.

Villanova, with its 4-0 start in the Big East, jumps from No. 11 to No. 6 this week. Big drops: Virginia (fourth to 13th) and Arizona (seventh to 18th) after both those teams lost two in a row.

The full poll:

1. Kansas (14-1)

2. Oklahoma (13-1)

3. Maryland (15-1)

4. Michigan State (16-1)

5. North Carolina (15-2)

6. Villanova (14-2)

7. Xavier (14-1)

8. Miami (13-1)

9. Duke (14-2)

10. SMU (15-0)

11. West Virginia (14-1)

12. Providence (14-2)

13. Virginia (12-3)

14. Kentucky (12-3)

15. Texas A&M (13-2)

16. Iowa (12-3)

17. Iowa State (12-3)

18. Arizona (13-3)

19. South Carolina (15-0)

20. Pittsburgh (14-1)

21. Louisville (13-3)

22. Baylor (12-3)

23. Butler (12-4)

24. Purdue (14-3)

25. Gonzaga (13-3)

Dropped out: UConn, Dayton

Jumped in: Gonzaga, Baylor

Frank Martin’s team might still not be getting quite enough respect. (USATSI)


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