AP Top 25 poll: Kansas up to No. 2 plus Duke, Indiana back after wild week

A ridiculous week has led to a lot of movement within the polls but not too much volatility in terms of exits and entrances. In what was a historic seven days, teams ranked in the AP Top 25 went 27-23, with 16 of those 23 losses coming to unranked foes. It almost certainly was the most cataclysmic week in AP poll history yet, ironically, programs aren’t suffering fates outside of the rankings because so many teams keep on losing.

The only ranked teams to dodge getting knocked off in the past seven days: Villanova, Kansas, UNC, Miami, Arizona, Kentucky and Dayton.

Kansas jumped from No. 6 to No. 2. Oklahoma stayed put at No. 3, amazingly, even though it lost at home to KU. UNC jumped from No. 9 to No. 5. Maryland fell from No. 2 to No. 6. Kentucky jumped from 22nd to 14th. And Duke only spent on week outside the top 25; the Blue Devils are back in following their dramatic and controversial buzzer-beating win over Virginia.

Another blueblood has re-entered the polls as well: Say hello again to Indiana.

The one team many thought would drop out but just hung out: Texas A&M. The Aggies were No. 5 in the country a couple of weeks ago but have lost four straight. Still, Billy Kennedy’s team is ranked (now 24th).

Here’s the full poll:

1. Villanova (22-3)

2. Kansas (21-4)

3. Oklahoma (20-4)

4. Iowa (20-5)

5. North Carolina (21-4)

6. Maryland (22-4)

7. Virginia (20-5)

8. Michigan State (21-5)

9. Xavier (22-3)

10. West Virginia (20-5)

11. Miami (20-4)

12. Arizona (21-5)

13. Iowa State (18-7)

14. Kentucky (19-6)

15. Dayton (21-3)

16. Oregon (20-6)

17. Purdue (20-6)

18. Louisville (19-6)

19. Notre Dame (18-7)

20. Duke (19-6)

21. SMU (21-3)

22. Indiana (20-6)

23. Providence (19-7)

24. Texas A&M (18-7)

25. Baylor (18-7)

Dropped out: Wichita State, USC, South Carolina

Jumped in: Notre Dame, Duke, Indiana

The Jayhawks are now No. 2, and if you check, they have the best resume in the sport. (USATSI)


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