AP Top 25 Poll: Villanova, Kansas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Xavier are top 5

Another crazy week has led to more upheaval in the Associated Press’ Top 25 poll for Division I men’s basketball. Five of the top 10 teams lost at least once in the past seven days (Oklahoma, Iowa, North Carolina, Maryland and West Virginia), and so we’ve got a new order on the top 10 around here.

Villanova stays strong at No. 1. The Wildcats have dodged taking on losses in recent weeks, though things could get interesting on Wednesday because Jay Wright’s team plays at No. 5 Xavier. Huge game there in the league and in regard to No. 1 seeding for the NCAA Tournament.

Also, Kansas has built up a resume that looks demonstrably to be the best in college basketball. Bill Self is going to win a 12th straight Big 12 title in the regular season. His team is ranked second, with a two-game lead in the conference.

Virginia jumped from seventh to third — and is in a tie at No. 3 with Oklahoma. Despite its loss at Minnesota, which has just seven victories this season, Maryland stays steady in the top 10.

Here’s the full poll:

1. Villanova (24-3)

2. Kansas (23-4)

3. Virginia (21-5)

3. Oklahoma (21-5)

5. Xavier (24-3)

6. Michigan State (22-5)

7. North Carolina (22-5)

8. Iowa (20-6)

9. Arizona (22-5)

10. Maryland (23-5)

11. Louisville (21-6)

12. Miami (21-5)

13. Oregon (21-6)

14. West Virginia (20-7)

15. Duke (20-7)

16. Kentucky (20-7)

17. Iowa State (19-8)

18. Indiana (22-6)

19. Baylor (20-7)

20. Purdue (21-7)

21. Texas A&M (20-7)

22. Utah (21-7)

23. Notre Dame (18-8)

24. SMU (22-4)

25. Texas (17-10)

Dropped out: Providence, Dayton

Jumped in: Utah, Texas A&M

The Maryland Terrapins might be the hardest teams to figure out right now. (USATSI)


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