Bad News Brewers on pace for worst MLB bet ever?

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There are bad baseball teams and then there’s bad baseball bets. And when the two crossover, be prepared to take out a second mortgage.

The Milwaukee Brewers are currently a little bit of Column A and a little of Column B, taking a putrid 3-13 record into Friday’s series opener with the St. Louis Cardinals and setting bankrolls ablaze in the process. The Brew Crew have burned through -11.05 units already in April – that’s $1,105 if you were wagering $100 on each and every one of their moneylines to open the 2015 season.

That costly start to the year has Milwaukee on pace to be the worst MLB April bet ever, possibly dethroning the 2002 Chicago Cubs, who finished the month 8-16 for -13.90 units. The Brewers enter this weekend home set having lost eight of their last nine games but coming off a 4-2 victory against the Cincinnati Reds as -108 home favorites Wednesday.

Where to start when it comes to Milwaukee’s issues? The team can’t hit, averaging just 2.88 runs on .218 BA at the plate. The pitching staff stinks, boasting a 4.89 collective ERA – 29th in the majors – and the starters have recorded just four quality starts so far this season – worst in the bigs.

The Atlantis sportsbooks in Reno, Nevada opened the Brewers’ season win total at 80 victories, meaning the Brew Crew would have to go 77-69 for the remainder of the season just to push with that number. And with the way things are shaping up inside Miller Park, a .530 winning clip from here out seems about as likely as Ryan Braun hitting 40 home runs again – cleanly of course.

That’s not to say Milwaukee can’t turn this ship around – or at least avoid becoming one of the worst bets in baseball history. Those 2002 Cubs finished the year 67-95 with a league-worst -47.65 units. While that’s a tough pill to swallow, the 2004 Arizona Diamondbacks went 51-111 for -61.25 units which stands as the worst MLB bet since the 1999 season (as far back as our moneyline earnings go). That D-backs team went 9-13 for -6.85 units that April.

And here’s the crazy thing: Milwaukee went 19-8 last April and earned bettors 12.26 units. Those earnings ranked as the fourth-highest MLB profits earned in April since 1999. This year’s Brewers finish the month with a three-game home set against St. Louis and a three-game road trip to Cincinnati.

So where do the 2015 Brewers stack up as the worst MLB bet to start a season? Here’s a look at the most costly April bets since 1999:

2002 Chicago Cubs (8-16) -13.90 units
2005 New York Yankees (10-14) -13.60 units
1999 Baltimore Orioles (6-16) -13.20 units
2012 Los Angeles Angels (10-17) -13.06 units
2004 Montreal Expos (5-19) -12.85 units
2001 Oakland Athletics (8-17) -12.60 units
2007 New York Yankees (9-14) -12.35 units
2003 Detroit Tigers (3-20) -12.20 units
2000 Houston Astros (9-14) -11.80 units
2003 Arizona Diamondbacks (12-15) -11.70 units
2000 Detroit Tigers (6-17) -11.65 units
2010 Baltimore Orioles (5-18) -11.45 units
2014 Arizona Diamondbacks (9-19) -11.12 units


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