Banner says ‘UCLA deserves better,’ calls for Steve Alford to be fired

UCLA coach Steve Alford even knows this wasn’t a good season in Westwood. He doesn’t need the “Restore UCLA” petition to remind him that and the school doesn’t need a banner to flown around to know that Bruins fans are unhappy with the team’s 2016 performance.

It appears that someone has arranged for banner reading “UCLA deserves better, fire Alford!” to be flown around, I guess in hopes of sending the message to the university.

Now I’ve got a message for whoever put together the money for the banner: it ain’t happening — and you can read Sam Vecenie’s plugged-in take on the topic too.

Yes, fans have reason to be mad after USC swept UCLA with three wins in a single season for the first time since 1942. Fans have a reason to be mad that a team that beat Kentucky, Gonzaga and Arizona ended up 15-17 and out of the tournament after three-straight Sweet 16 appearances.

But that’s the thing, Alford not only has a pretty good postseason record with UCLA but also one of the best recruiting classes in the nation coming in next season featuring two five-stars (Lorenzo Ball, T.J. Leaf). There’s no way UCLA would take the financial risks necessary to make a move and also risk losing one of the top recruiting classes in the country.

UCLA fans paid to have a fire Steve Alford banner flown around. (Twitter)


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