Best and worst MLB Spring Training teams of the last nine years


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Depending on where you live, it’s hard to believe it’s almost spring time with that much snow outside. Yet, we’re almost there. One of the first signs of the change in seasons is the start of MLB Spring Training.

Now, betting on these exhibition baseball games isn’t always the sharpest play. Players are going half speed, pitchers aren’t in top form and managers are more worried about hammering out their roster for Opening Day than their Cactus or Grapefruit League records.

But, if you are going to bet Spring Training ball, you should at least know which clubs consistently try and which ones don’t during the tune-up schedule, going back to the 2006 exhibition season:

Best Spring Training teams

Detroit Tigers (161-116)
Los Angeles Angels (160-114)
Kansas City Royals (148-119)
Colorado Rockies (146-121)
New York Yankees (141-123)
St. Louis Cardinals (139-113)

Worst Spring Training teams

Chicago White Sox (106-163)
Pittsburgh Pirates (113-156)
Washington Nationals (113-157)
Los Angeles Dodgers (118-154)
Houston Astros (119-155)


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