Bettor cashes on prop after advice from mom


Las Vegans Dan McCabe and Daniel Eric Mann got together at the Superbook, both rooting for New England. McCabe had a T-shirt full of Patriots-supporting artistry and a Patriots beret, and Mann sported his Patriots support on a Cowboy hat.

McCabe is originally from Michigan, so the Pats aren’t his top team – which is a good thing.

“I didn’t bet with my heart. I bet with my brains,” he said, then cited two pointers he got from his parents. “My dad used to tell me that the less money you bet on the game is the more money you have when you lose. My mom, she’s 90, she called me the other night at 12 o’clock. She said she couldn’t sleep, and said the Patriots were gonna win by 13, and said it would be ‘tails’ on the coin toss.”

The first prediction looked to be in trouble midway through the third quarter, but McCabe got the second one.

“So I’ve already won some money,” he said.

Mann, meanwhile, is originally from Rhode Island.
“I’m a lifelong Patriots fan. Everybody from Rhode Island, we just love the Patriots,” Mann said. “I didn’t think Tom Brady was ever gonna win it again. So it’s New England all the way. New England’s gonna win.”


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