Bracketology Bubble Tracker: Cincinnati looking for win vs. SMU

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Cincinnati faces SMU on Sunday and this is the last chance for the Bearcats to get the higher quality win that can push them further into the bracket.


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The Bearcats have been shorthanded lately, with starters Shaq Thomas and Farad Cobb having missed the last two games. There is a chance they will miss this one as well, which will make beating the Mustangs that much harder.

It’s the final game of the season for SMU. Because of NCAA sanctions, the Mustangs will miss the American conference tournament. That means that Cincinnati can’t get another shot at them later. The Bearcats can still get an at-large without a win Sunday, but if they lose, anything short of an automatic bid will make for a very nervous Selection Sunday.

Status: On the fence
Record: 21-9, 11-6 AAC | RPI: 52 | Strength of schedule: 87

Cincinnati's last chance for a quality win is Sunday vs. SMU. (USATSI)
Cincinnati’s last chance for a quality win is Sunday vs. SMU. (USATSI)


UCONN: vs. UCF (2 p.m. ET, ESPNU)
Status: On the fence
Record: 20-10, 10-7 AAC | RPI: 54 | Strength of schedule: 49

The Huskies are only 6-10 against the RPI top 100, but at least they don’t have a bad loss. Yet. UCF gives them an opportunity to get one, and when you are as close to the bottom of the bracket as UConn is, taking a bad loss might knock you out.

TEMPLE: at Tulane (2 p.m. ET)
Status: STATUS
Record: 19-10, 13-4 AAC | RPI: 53 | Strength of schedule: 54

Temple has locked up the top seed in the American Athletic Conference tournament, but that does not mean the Owls can be complacent. If they need an at-large bid, their profile may not hold up. Losing to Tulane may mean the possibility of an at-large disappears.

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