Bracketology: How each conference is doing during March Madness

The championship game is now set. North Carolina beat a second consecutive fellow ACC opponent to reach Monday night’s title game. The Tar Heels ended the Cinderella run of Syracuse by a score of 83-66. That margin of victory was one point more than UNC’s two regular season wins over the Orange combined.

However, that paled to the historic beatdown given to Oklahoma by Villanova in the early game on Saturday. The Wildcats annihilated the Sooners by 44 points in the first semifinal. It was just another jaw-dropping game in a tournament full of them.

That 44-point margin ties is the most ever in a Final Four, obviously, and ties for 13th largest blowout in any tournament game all-time. The only other single-digit seeds to lose by more than 40 points were a No. 8-seed Rhode Island to North Carolina in 1993 (45 points) and No. 9-seed Tulsa to Duke in 1999 (41 points).

Monday night will be the ninth time a No. 1-seed has faced a No. 2-seed in the championship game. The top seed has won seven of the previous eight games. The only time a No. 2-seed beat a top seed was in 1986, when Louisville beat Duke for the national championship.


The first record is the league’s record in tournament games. The second record is “upsets”: wins as a lower seed-losses as a higher seed. Teams have to be more than one seed apart to count in the upset record.

ACC: 19-6, 2-1

Big East: 8-4, 0-2

West Coast: 2-1, 2-0

Missouri Valley: 3-2, 2-0

Big 12: 9-7, 0-3

Big Ten: 8-7, 1-2

SEC: 3-3, 0-0

Atlantic Sun: 1-1, 0-0

Big West: 1-1, 1-0

Conference USA: 1-1, 1-0

Ivy League: 1-1, 1-0

Patriot: 1-1, 0-0

Southland: 1-1, 1-0

Sun Belt: 1-1, 1-0

Pac-12: 4-7, 0-4

A-10: 2-3, 1-1

American: 1-4, 0-0

15 other conferences: 0-1, 0-0

Syracuse's Cinderella run concluded with a loss to UNC in the Final Four. (USATSI)
Syracuse’s Cinderella run concluded with a loss to UNC in the Final Four. (USATSI)


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