Bracketology: How the Oklahoma-Kansas game will impact the bracket

A new year brings a new bracket. Like the AP poll will reflect later today, I have the top two overall seeds as Oklahoma and Kansas. Actually, the poll will have those teams reversed, but I have the Sooners as the overall No. 1 because they haven’t lost. Yet. OU will play at Kansas on Monday night.


Jerry Palm’s projected bracket

The result of that game will only have a slight impact on the bracket, but only if Oklahoma loses. If that happens, the Sooners would switch positions with the Jayhawks on the top line, but the effect on the bracket is that the entire regions headed by OU and Kansas would switch positions in the bracket. Also, Kansas would be in the Oklahoma City region and the Sooners would be placed in Chicago.

If the Jayhawks lose, they would fall back below the other team that beat them this season, Michigan State. The only change to the bracket then is that Kansas would be placed in the Philadelphia region and the Spartans region would move to Chicago. The other top seed in the bracket today is Virginia. The Cavaliers are on an 11-game winning streak that includes victories over West Virginia, Cal and Villanova.

Now that conference play is underway, the weeding out process of the bigger leagues will begin. The Pac-12 has nine teams in this bracket. There is virtually no chance that will be the case in March. The bracket figures to be pretty volatile over the next month and a half.

As you might imagine, I get a lot of questions about the bracket as the season goes on. I have created a bracket FAQ page that will hopefully answer some of the more common ones. I’m always happy to answer any questions that come along, but feel free to check this out first.

Virginia Cavaliers (USATSI)
Virginia has moved up to a No. 1 seed in the latest projected bracket. (USATSI)


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