Bracketology: North Carolina falls to a No. 2 seed, Kansas moves up to a No. 1

North Carolina fell at Louisville 71-65 on Monday night, ending its 12-game winning streak.


Jerry Palm’s projected bracket

It was enough to knock the Tar Heels back off the top line of the bracket. Kansas moves back up to a No. 1 seed in their place.

UNC is suffering for a lack of higher quality wins. At this point, Maryland is the only top 25 team the Tar Heels have beaten, while the other competitors for the top spot have more and/or better wins. North Carolina only has three losses, and that’s a plus, but one of those is Northern Iowa, and while Tar Heel fans would like that to be ignored or excused, it still counts.

Louisville benefits from the win by moving up from a 6-seed to a five. The Cardinals displaced in-state rival Kentucky even though the Wildcats won the head-to-head meeting with Louisville earlier this season. Despite that, Louisville has a better overall profile.

Situations like this arise most every year. The NCAA bracket isn’t like football. Head-to-head results matter, but aren’t as decisive as they are in football.

Louisville's Damion Lee led the Cardinals to an upset of North Carolina on Monday.. (USATSI)
Louisville’s Damion Lee led the Cardinals to an upset of North Carolina on Monday. (USATSI)


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