Fans will eat up these Las Vegas Super Bowl dining matchups


So, you’re in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl and you’re from Denver or North Carolina and would like to eat some familiar food and enjoy some familiar beverages? Well, we have some Super Bowl dining matchups and the restaurants where you can find appropriate dishes in Las Vegas.

Regional and sorta ethnic

Denver: One of the most popular types food in Denver is Mexican food. Border Grill is one of the Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas. Their brunch is ridiculous. It’s a great way to recover from Saturday night and prepare for a great day of football. There are locations at Mandalay Bay and Caesars Palace Forum Shops.

Carolina: Looking for some good ole southern BBQ? Las Vegas isn’t home to the best BBQ in America but Rollin Smoke BBQ does a great job bringing their southern BBQ to the desert. The original location is just off the Vegas Strip on Highland and a new location can be found at Pawn Plaza (a shopping plaza brought to you by the folks from the TV show Pawn Stars) near the Stratosphere.

Get green

Oh man, green chilies are delicious and the fine folks in Denver love’em some green chili. New Mexico might be the most famous state for green chili and one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas features cuisine from New Mexico with a little Carribean flair. The green-chili cheeseburger is great but the green-chili turkey cheeseburger might change your life. It’s worth the trip off the Strip.

Collared greens aren’t for everyone but some of the best you’ll find in Las Vegas are just off the Vegas Strip at the original location of M&M Soul Food. There’s a second location just north of the Stratosphere but the original restaurant is the way to go. You’ll also find some of the best fried chicken in Las Vegas here. Sounds like a combination that can only be improved by a side of some of the best mac-n-cheese in Las Vegas

Beer me

Denver: The entire state of Colorado is famous for beer and you’ll find one of their most famous exports about an hour outside of Denver in Fort Collins. You can find New Belgium beers at many bars and restaurants in Las Vegas. Start with a Fat Tire and explore some of their different brews as you change bars and restaurants.

North Carolina: It’s often difficult for the best microbreweries on the East Coast to get distribution to Las Vegas. This is the case with many of the beers from North Carolina. ameriCAN at The Linq offers beer that represents all 50 states in America. You may be able to tell from the spelling of their name that canned beer is their specialty with over 70 different cans of beer available.


: One of the more interesting meats that people enjoy in Denver is bison. Head to Rivea atop Delano at Mandalay Bay for a great view while you enjoy a French take on bison. Take a walk outside to the new Skyfall Lounge and have a relaxing beverage. This is one of the most memorable and picturesque restaurant-and-bar combinations that you’ll find in Las Vegas.

Carolina: If you google “favorite foods of North Carolina” you’ll find more entries for pigs than you might imagine. It seems people are open to eating any part of the pig, including the whole pig. It’s not on the menu but if you ask nicely and in advance the folks at the original Rollin Smoke BBQ will prepare one for you and your crew.

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