Camaraderie is key at book for one couple


For Shay Leverette, Super Bowl Sunday is a little about the betting, and a lot about the energy. Leverette and her husband, Karl Ivory, head to Las Vegas from Moreno Valley, Calif., every year. Once here, they hit the South Point sportsbook, which is packed on this Super Sunday, two hours before the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots kick off.

“Oh my God, we have such a ball, with the camaraderie and the network of people,” she said. “We got up at 5:30 a.m. to come and plug our seat. We bring our goodies.”

Shay Leverette holds down a booth at the South Point sportsbook, with plenty of snacks and drinks at the ready.

Indeed, she’s got a bag full of football snacks – peanuts, chips and salsa, sushi and more, along with the requisite Rock Star energy drink.

“We love the football culture,” she said. “It’s great. It’s awesome.”

Leverette is on the Patriots today, while her husband likes the Seahawks.

“When Seattle scores, he’s gonna yell, and when the Patriots score, I’m gonna be like, ‘Yay!’” she said.


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