Chris Webber gets heated on ‘Doug Gottlieb Show’ over Jalen Rose

Five-time All-NBA big man Chris Webber is starting a new venture in his life. He has been the NBA superstar. He has been the NBA analyst on television. And now he’s going to be a professor at Wake Forest University teaching a course about sports, culture and business, starting in 2016. It’s a pretty incredible opportunity for Webber as he gets to draw from his own experiences from his childhood, recruitment, college days and NBA career.

Apparently, he’s also going to teach some things based on his experience on CBS Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb Show on Thursday. Webber was on with Gottlieb and about 14 minutes into the interview (14:05 in the audio player below), Gottlieb asked Webber, “Where are you with Jalen?”

There was a pause by Webber before he tried to clarify with Gottlieb by asking, “What did you just ask me?” After the question was posed again, Webber answered with a curt “Where it was.” As Gottlieb tried to explain the reason for asking the question about Webber’s former Michigan teammate Jalen Rose, Webber cut him off talking about what he wanted to talk about on the show and more about his course at Wake Forest. From

“I mean, Doug, we ain’t talking about that,” Webber said. “You ain’t getting that interview. I’m talking about Wake Forest. I don’t talk about him. I talked about him one time on The Dan Patrick Show. That was it.”

“Come on, Doug,” Webber said, annoyed. “I just told you respectfully on your show I’m not going to talk about it. I’m talking about being a professor at Wake Forest teaching a class on culture in sports. Now do want want to beat me up because I did not answer you on your show?”

Not at all, Gottlieb said.

“I don’t want to answer the question,” Webber reiterated. “So what would you ask me after that? Because I’m going to put this in for my class as far as how did you handle the media. I’m going to show them right now: I do not want to answer that question. I respectfully ask you not to ask me that again so you can blow your numbers up for your show. I don’t want to talk about that, Doug.”

Here’s audio of the conversation, again starting at around the 14:05 mark:

That’s a pretty uncomfortable couple of minutes between Gottlieb and Webber. For years, there has appeared to be a rift in the relationship between Webber and Rose that stems from a situation at Michigan in which players allegedly took money (which some of the players have confirmed, including Rose). Webber has denied many aspects of the story as Rose has spoken freely regarding his side of it.

This is probably often going to be something that comes up when people want to talk to Webber, as it is of interest to the general sports public. Especially when one side openly talks about it and the other refuses, it gives the silent side a chance to clarify things that may be represented in a way they don’t agree with on the topic. However, that wasn’t going to happen Thursday with Webber.

At least he got some course material out of it though.

Chris Webber definitely doesn't want to talk about Jalen Rose. (USATSI)
Chris Webber definitely doesn’t want to talk about Jalen Rose. (USATSI)


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