Crafty Mirage patron knows how to play the game


Michelle Provenza knows how to play the Super Bowl sportsbook game. She’s traveled to Las Vegas from Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., with her husband, but at The Mirage book, she’s sitting a row in front and several seats over from her hubby.

And look what happened.

“I got four guys here, they’ve done offered to buy me drinks, offered me pizza, offered me cheesecake. They’ve been great. Very sweet,” Provenza said. “In the meantime, my husband’s sitting behind me. I’m telling him, ‘Don’t mess this up. I’ve gotta great set-up. This is perfect.’”

That’s not all that went well for Provenza. She’s acquired a front-and-center seat.

Photo of crafty Michelle Provenza at the mirage sportsbook.

“I just stole this seat,” she joked. “But actually, I saw this seat about an hour ago (two hours before kickoff), and it didn’t have a tag on it, so I took it.”

She likes her two-team teaser of Patriots at +6 and over 41.5, and she’s jumped into the prop bet game, too.

“Just a stupid little bet: If there’ll be a safety in the game, just because it pays good,” she said, after which I remind her it’s not that stupid, since it’s hit four of the past six years, including the last three in a row.


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