Craig Sager will be inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame


Craig Sager is going where he belongs — in the Hall of Fame.
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Already a Hall of Famer due to his effervescent attitude, everyone’s favorite TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager will officially become one as he’ll be inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame on Dec. 13.

Sager has not worked at all this season as he is battling leukemia, a fight he has been having for the last couple of years. But Sager remains in the public eye, winning World Series bets and working with Nike and the NBA to sell colorful shirts and shoes to raise funds for his foundation, which supports cancer research and education.

And while Sager’s broadcasting career may be over, his legacy in the industry is unparalleled, which is why his induction is well deserved.

From the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame:

Sager’s presence has become synonymous with big-time NBA basketball (not to mention with unique style). As a sideline reporter for the NBA on TNT for nearly two decades, he has earned the respect of players, coaches, and viewers. He previously hosted Atlanta Hawks telecasts for TBS Superstation and was a reporter on TNT’s NFL pregame, halftime, and postgame from 1990 to ’97.

Now that Sager has been selected to be inducted, we can only guess that he is working with his tailor to create the perfect outfit to befit such a special occasion.


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