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One of the most popular ways to make a deposit at online casinos is by using a credit card. It is easy, fast and fairly safe and millions of people around the world have them in their pocket or purse. To learn more about using your credit card to play at an online casino keep reading.

How to Make a Credit card Deposit

Once you have decided where to play and signed up for your free casino account, find the cashier or deposit area in the software. Choose how much you want to deposit, enter your credit card number, expiration date, the address the card is billed to and the code from the back of the card. The important part of the address is the zip code, which must match the zip code where the bill or statement is sent for the card. If at all possible, use the same address when you sign up for your account at the casino.

What Kind of Credit Cards Can I Use?

Just about every casino will accept either Visa or MasterCard or both. There are also some casinos who will accept American Express. There are a few other cards issued around the world that you may be able to use at certain online casinos, but these are the main ones and the ones most likely to be used successfully.

Are Credit Card Deposits Safe?

Making a credit card deposit to fund your casino playing account is generally safe. The reason I can’t say they are always safe is because of all of the security breaches you read about in the news where huge companies have been hacked and lost customer’s financial data. While most people will never have to worry about this, it is a possibility. If you take the time to find solid and trustworthy casinos, your credit card details will be as safe as they are using them anywhere else.

Most credit cards do offer buyer protection, most often limiting your risk to only $50, but don’t count on this to protect you. In some jurisdictions gambling deposits are not protected. Here is a safe method you may try to offer an additional layer of security to your online deposits and credit card transactions.

If you plan to play much online and have the ability, set up a separate credit card just for online gambling. Set a credit limit that you are comfortable with and only use it to make deposits. For example, if you are comfortable with risking $500 or $1,000, set the limit at that amount. That way if an online casino does get hacked and loses your information you will only have a small amount at risk. If you can’t get a credit card or don’t want to get another one, set up a free checking account that has a free debit card attached to it.

Where Can I Use a Credit Card to Make a Deposit?

Just about every online and mobile casino accepts credit cards for deposits. The percentage of ones who do is so high that I always just assume that anywhere that I want to play will accept one of my cards. The only places I have seen that doesn’t take credit cards are some of the Bitcoin only casinos.

Of course just because an online casino accepts a credit card does not mean that the transactions always get approved. There are times when credit card deposits are declined. The laws and banking regulations are different in every country and they do change from time to time. In addition, a card you used to make a deposit the last time you played may not work this time and may work again in the future. Casinos are always looking for new credit card processors. Any time you have a problem making a deposit with your credit card make sure to contact support as soon as possible. They will more than likely be able to tell you what to do in order to get your deposit approved. There are gift cards and pre-paid cards available in some places that you may be able to buy with your credit card in order to make a successful deposit.

Can I Use a Debit Card?

The difference between a credit and debit card for most purposes are small. Of course a debit card generally pulls money from a checking account and a credit card works on credit, but for the purpose of making a deposit at a casino they work basically the same. I have heard of cases where debit cards have been more difficult to get approved for deposits, but I have used one and never had a problem. As long as your debit card has a Visa or MasterCard logo you should be able to use it.


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