Davidson won’t retire Steph Curry’s jersey until he graduates from school

Leading the Golden State Warriors to a historic start and on pace to eclipse his own three-point record, it seems like everything is going Stephen Curry’s way. However, Curry’s alma mater Davidson College isn’t giving any preferential treatment to the reigning MVP. Curry may be the best player to ever play for Davidson but the school won’t retire his jersey until he actually graduates.

Davidson has a rule that it only retires jerseys of athletes if they graduate. Since Curry left in 2009 after his junior year to enter the NBA, he has still not been able to achieve that goal. Curry has frequently gone back to Davidson, even helping to open the basketball team’s new practice facility. But he has yet to finish his degree and thus his jersey will remain unretired.

From ESPN’s C.L. Brown:

Despite Curry’s popularity, Davidson athletic director Jim Murphy said there hasn’t been any movement to make an exception and allow him the recognition.

“It’s one of those things where, I’m not even sure who would make that decision to be honest with you, just because it’s never come up before,” Murphy said. “I assume it would be the board of trustees.”

Myriad obstacles have hindered Curry’s process. Davidson does not offer classes in the summer, when it might have been easier for him to take his remaining courses.

“It’s still a priority for sure; obviously there’s a lot going on right now,” Curry said. “Taking advantage of my career right now on the court in the NBA, it’s only a very short window, so you want to give all the attention and effort. But to be able to finish out that part of my life, whenever it does happen, will be huge.”

Curry said he’s short just a couple of classes and he’s “researched a plan of attack of how to get it done.”

Davidson is a school that is entrenched in academic tradition so it is not too surprising that they aren’t bending the rules for Curry. The rules are the rules and Curry has just to follow them.

Steph Curry tries to hide from his college professors.
Steph Curry tries to hide from his college professors. (USATSI)


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