Deflategate Odds: Will Bill Belichick be suspended?


Those nasty cheaters in New England are at it again (allegedly) and Patriot management is on the hot seat over Deflategate.

Did they deliberately deflate balls to cheat against the Ravens and Colts?

Oddsmakers don’t know, but they know there is lots of interest and therefore lots of reasons to post odds on whether the league will suspend anyone over the controversy.

Online sportsbook Bodog posted extreme longshot odds that Coach Bill Belichick will be suspended for the Super Bowl (-1500, meaning a $150 bet only pays a $10 profit).

But the door is open at Bodog to bet on whether the league might suspend him for a game or more next season. The ‘no’ prop on that questions is just -200 (bet $20 to profit $10).

Will Bill Belichick be suspended for at least 1 game for the Deflated Ball scandal?              

Yes                         +150

No                          -200

Will Bill Belichick be suspended for the Super Bowl for the Deflated Ball scandal?             

Yes                         +750

No                          -1500

If New England purposefully deflated 11 of 12 footballs tested by the league (as reported by ESPN), then the Patriots have some explaining to do. And Tom Brady would presumably have been the beneficiary, having balls scuffed or inflated to his preferred specification.

Whatever the case, it adds some drama to Super Bowl betting considerations where the line continues to hover around even odds.

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