Despite DeflateGate, action firmly behind Patriots


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With Super Bowl XLIX quickly being muddled by ‘DeflateGate’, the focus of the actual game can be shifted to the soap opera. Despite the incident surrounding the New England Patriots locker room, bettors have firmly placed themselves on the Pats side in the big game.

New England is seeing 67.7 percent on spread action (even) and a huge 82.1 percent on the moneyline according to a spokesperson from Pinnacle Sports. 

“With the spread moving to even, it’s not surprising that New England has been the more-bet team,” says Pinnacle. “It’s interesting to note the disparity between Spread and ML bets though, considering the roughly equivalent value at present odds.”

Considering the heavy action on the Pats, it should come as no surprise that the action has been on the over. 62.7 percent of action is behind the Patriots and Seahawks combining for more than 48 points per Pinnacle.


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