Does Luck Actually Exist?

We have all heard stories of people escaping their own deaths miraculously thanks to good luck manifested in wearing a helmet or a seatbelt at the time of a crash, or not being home when a fire broke down, completely burning down their home. And then we know the stories of the luckiest lottery winners who only played once in their life and won jackpots worth a few tens of hundred million dollars in the blink of an eye.

Are you a fan of the good luck theory?

Amazing What The Mindset Can Do!

Researchers have come to the conclusion that the mindset is one of the most powerful action triggers and reality influencers out there. The way we look at various aspects of our life and the kind of attitude we show toward certain events both have the power to affect the reality. So far, one of the biggest impacts played by feelings and thoughts on the state of well-being has been recorded in elderly men. But American researchers at the UCLA university have drawn some even more intriguing conclusions regarding the idea of being lucky and the way it influences our lives.

  • According to researchers, there are two categories of people into the world: the ones who consider their luck to be stable, and the ones who believe luck is fleeting.

  • The first category refers to people persons who believe their luck is permanent, a genuine constant into their life. They either feel they are lucky or unlucky their entire life, and they will act accordingly in many aspects of their life. For example, you might see them on sports betting sites all day long, anticipating their big wins. You might also see them play the lottery week after week, no exception, consulting the latest MegaMillions results here and buying tickets for the next drawings.

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  • People who consider themselves to be unlucky will normally hold on to their belief for the rest of their lives and constantly look for new 'arguments' to prove their theory. 'See, my lotto ticket didn't win me any prize! What's the point in playing?' If you know a thing or two about the laws of attraction in terms of energy, you might know that a negative attitude will naturally attract negative results. If you are always complaining how you never win anything, you will in fact attract zero wins. In other words, attitude and your way of thinking are everything.

  • Scientists also speak about the group of people who see luck as fleeting; differently put, they believe luck follows comes and comes unpredictably, and it is not a constant.

  • The way you think about luck will severely influence your success in life. If you belong to the first category, you are a lot more chances of achieving more goals in life compared to the latter.

  • The more you believe in luck, the luckier you will feel and the more powerful and in control you will start to be. And a person who is in control of his existence and abilities will definitely do better than a weaker counterpart.

Thomas Jefferson used to say “I am a big believer in luck; the harder I work, the luckier I get.” Here's something to think about.

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