Dolphins getting action, Jackson a big line mover -11-13-2014


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Thursday night will be home to a huge AFC East clash
that will go a long way to determining wild card contenders in
the conference. With both the Buffalo Billa and Miami Dolphins
sporting an identical 5-4 record, action has been tight between
the two rivals.

“First significant line move came on Wednesday, when got a
sharp bet on Dolphins -5, so moved them to -6,” Mike Jerome of Top
Bet says. Thursday morning saw the line move to the
original Miami -5 when Fred Jackson was announced as
probable, but early in the afternoon Jackson seemed less
likely to play. 

“Jackson is a definite upgrade compared to Anthony Dixon or
Bryce Brown,” Jerome says that would lead to a point
difference in the total.

As of Thursday afternoon, 63 percent of cash and 68 percent
of the action have been being the ‘Fins. 


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