Donald Trump Props: Will He Really Build a Mexican Border Wall?


Love him or hate him, there has never been a more polarizing president of the United States than Donald J. Trump.

Trump has been in office for only two weeks, yet he’s already made headlines around the world, highlighted by his “Muslim ban.” The order bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for a period of 90 days, effective immediately. It also suspends the States’ refugee system for 120 days.

One of Trump’s more extreme campaign promises was a wall bordering Mexico, stating it will be “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful and beautiful.” Online sportsbook Bovada is offering props on Trump’s wall, with betting options breaking down the height, timeline and if there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for it.

If you think this concept is downright ridiculous, you’re not alone. The president claims the total cost of the wall will be in the $10-billion ballpark, but estimates from fact-checkers and engineers reveal the price will be universally higher.

While a 1000-mile wall seems highly unlikely, perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to count it out. It wasn’t that long ago that Trump’s presidential run was a running joke to many, and look at what’s transpired since.

What will be the officially proposed height of the wall?
  • OVER 37.5 feet -120
  • UNDER 37.5 feet -120
When will crews break ground on the wall?
  • Before July 4, 2017 +110
  • After July 4, 2017 -150
Will there be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the wall?


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