Eli Manning shook Romo’s hand before Dak’s and here’s what he appeared to say

The Giants defeated the Cowboys 10-7 on Sunday night, putting in motion the wheels for a delightful public controversy about the state of Dallas’ quarterback room. Some fans are clamoring for “backup” quarterback Tony Romo to play over rookie Dak Prescott, while Jerry Jones maintains that won’t happen.

There’s an obvious sentimentality toward Romo, the longtime Cowboys quarterback and that extends to his opponents. Following the loss to the Giants, Eli Manning greeted Romo at midfield before going to see Prescott.

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OH THE DRAMA. Anyone painting this as a “snub” of Prescott is being a little ridiculous. Just seconds later, Eli would come across Prescott and say a few words to him as well.

What’s most interesting about the exchange between Eli and Romo. It appears that Eli says something along the lines of “I’ve got your back” to Romo as they’re hugging it out.

But that’s also pretty ridiculous, right? Eli might be giving his pal some support, but it’s not like he has a dog in the fight when it comes to the starter in Dallas. He has plenty of things to worry about without sweating who is running the Cowboys’ offense.

The logical conclusion here is that Eli is buddies with Romo, he feels bad for Tony having to ride the pine at this stage of his career, is showing him support and Romo just happened to be on the field and/or in Eli’s range of vision before Prescott.

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