eSports: LOL Group A Game Odds

Through the first weekend of play at the League Of Legends World Championship group stages, Group A has become the most hotly contested battleground. Both Counter Logic Gaming and the Koo Tigers are 2-1 with the Flash Wolves and paIN Gaming posting 1-2 records.

KOO and CLG to Determine Leader in Group A

These two teams met in their last game, with KOO controlling most of the action. The Tigers got the gold advantage at the eight-minute mark and did not relinquish the lead again.

CLG had some major struggles when they faced KOO, especially in the mid lane. Kuro had a 9/1/5 KDA in the mid for KOO compared to Pobelter who posted a lowly 0/7/2 in the midlane for CLG.

The following two games, both of which were wins for CLG, saw Doublelift excel in the AD Carry position with a combined 13/1/16 KDA.

Flash Wolves Expected to get Revenge on paIN

The Flash Wolves and paIn Gaming battled in a tightly contested game in their past matchup. The Wolves held the gold lead for most of the game, but paIN made a late push at the 37-minute mark to almost snatch victory from defeat.

These two teams have been easily matched in their first game with the Wolves getting a slight 13-10 edge in champion kills and 75.5K-to-68.4K gold advantage.

With both of these teams currently sitting at 1-2, a loss in this one could prove to be a huge nail in the coffin.

Mismatch in the Midlane between KOO and paIN

The KOO Tigers are a massive favorite to dominate paIN Gaming on Thursday, which is to be expected with the excellent play of Kuro for Koo so far in the group stage.

Kuro is leading the tournament so far with a KDA ratio of 39.0 with a 17/1/22 KDA. Kuro will be facing off against Kami for paIN who is currently the fourth worst Mid player according to KDA ratio (1.9).

The champion kills were the biggest difference maker between these two teams when they opened the tournament against one another with KOO holding a staggering 23-5 champions kill ratio.

2015 World Championship – Group A

Odds as of October 5 at Bodog

  • Counter Logic Gaming +155
  • KOO Tigers -200
2015 World Championship – Group A

Odds as of October 5 at Bodog

  • Flash Wolves -300
  • paIN Gaming +225
2015 World Championship – Group A

Odds as of October 5 at Bodog

  • KOO Tigers -600
  • paIN Gaming +400


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