eSports: Summoner’s Cup Final Preview

The quest for this year’s Summoner’s Cup started nearly one month ago with 16 and now only SK Telecom T1 and the KOO Tigers remain. SK has been dominant this entire tournament, averaging around 30 minute match lengths and not dropping a single game yet. KOO has been a harder team to figure out with several inconsistencies plaguing them. 

What KOO Needs to Do

If KOO wants to look competitive against their Korean counterparts they need to start quickly. When the Tigers come out of the gates flying they have looked as good as any team in this tournament, but if they are thrown off and forced to work from behind they have been doomed.

KOO has elite team fighting skills, but the only time they have been able to come back after being down early was due to mistakes from their opponents, something that will not happen when they face SK. 

What SK1 Telecom Needs to Do

Honestly, SK just needs to keep doing what they are doing. The team has looked unstoppable since failing to qualify for the Worlds last year and are now undefeated in their past 17 games in the World Championships dating back to 2013.

SK is on the verge of completing something that has never been done before; a perfect tournament at the Worlds. And to be perfectly honest, they have made it look easy.

Key Matchup To Watch

The most important matchup in the Finals will be in the mid lane. Faker has proven through this tournament to be one of the greatest mids in the game right now as he is eighth in KDA and 20th in CS per minute. Even more astounding is the fact that his deep champion pool has seen him play a different champion each game.

KurO will be in charge of keeping Faker in check for KOO. By no means has KurO been a pushover at the Worlds, sixth in KDA, but his champion pool is much more shallow than Faker’s. At some point Viktor will be banned for KurO and he will be facing the best mid in the world without his strongest champion.

League of Legends Summoner’s Cup Finals

Odds as of October 28 at Bodog

  • SK Telecom T1 -650
  • KOO Tigers +400


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