Even for football fans, MLB pennant chases are great to bet – 09-26-2014


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Wow, the pro football season is off to some start. I’ve
actually avoided most mainstream sports media over the past
week because of off-the-field football news and it’s been

I like football but I looooooooove baseball. The
over-coverage of non-game football events has left an awesome
hole in my entertainment time. I’ve spent more time watching,
reading about and listening to baseball in the past couple of
weeks than I expected.

I’d like to think that I didn’t need a push to reminded me
how great of a game baseball is but I might have and I’m OK
with that. The baseball season is so long and there are so
many changes in the game that it’s easy to get caught up in
the now and forget the future. It’s been a year since the
last playoff homestretch and it feels like it.

The dog days of summer can make a baseball fan glaze over.
There’s nothing else to offset the sport and remind you how
great it is. The games all sort of blend together after a
while. The play becomes a little more mechanical for the
players and arm chair analysts like me. This is fine because
the late-summer games are fun. However, like every other
sport, the game gets real heading into the playoffs.

There’s an energy to the stretch run games that gets lost in
the middle of the 162 game season. There’s a visible
difference in the players when they’re just going through the
motions and hoping for a win opposed to when they bust their
butt as if winning is the only option.

The baseball fan in me perks up a little more than usual
during the stretch run. I’m thinking more about experiencing
great baseball games than just betting to make money. That
ratio is flipped most of the year when I just want to place
wagers and win.

The late season playoff run for the Washington Nationals has
been as great to experience as the Milwaukee Brewers
collapse. My 10/1 futures bet may play a small role here but
there’s an intensity with the Nats that had been missing much
of the year.

On the other side of the fence from the Nationals are the
Brewers and Oakland A’s. The future was bright for these
teams during the summer and now they look as if someone took
away their favorite toy. It’s quite sad to watch but it’s
good on the wallet.

Betting baseball is often about betting trends and the
pennant chase provides some great betting options. The
pennant race also immediately rules out some games to
possibly wager. The later in the year we get the bigger the
moneylines become. I see -200 favorites a couple times a day
and maybe more now. I’ll never play a number that high so it
eliminates a team to research unless I like the underdog.

We’re seeing lines with larger spreads than earlier in the
season. Games are often spread 20 cents or (much) greater but
there are still good bets to be found. They may not be value
bets but they’re good opportunities.

If you’re paying close attention to baseball while sportsbook
operators and the general public are fixated on football, you
can find some great opportunities to wager on.

If you’re kind of done with baseball then just sit back and
watch some of the pennant race games. Baseball is still a
great sport to watch and between betting and playoff
intensity there are more than enough reasons to keep it


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