Fading NHL teams coming off “bye week” cashing at an incredible rate

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In 2015, the National Hockey League and the NHLPA agreed to add “bye weeks” to this season’s schedule, where each team is given five consecutive days off (no practice or games) doled out between January 1 and the beginning of March.

While the “bye week” was negotiated into the CBA as compensation for the players in exchange for the league’s wacky 3-on-3 All-Star Game tournament format, it has turned into a cash machine for savvy bettors fading teams coming off their breaks.

As of February 21, there have been 20 teams that have completed their league mandated holiday and those 20 teams are a staggering 4-16 (20 percent) on the moneyline in their first game back. Breaking down this unique situation even further, teams returning from their mid-season vacations on home ice are a pathetic 2-12 (14.29 percent) on the moneyline with teams returning on the road posting a 2-4 record (33.33 percent).

Total bettors are also being treated to a trend worth tracking. While not as eye-popping as the moneyline numbers, Unders are seeing an advantage coming out of the “bye week” with an Over-Under-Push record of 7-10-3 (58.82 percent), and 5-8-0 (61.54 percent) in games featuring a betting total of 5.5 goals or higher.

What does this all mean? No practice during the break means teams are not sharp upon their return? Too much partying in the Caribbean sun (or back home with friends and family) is causing a hangover effect? All of the above?

Whatever the reason, it’s time to start paying attention to the 10 remaining teams and their after “bye week” matchups.

Anaheim Ducks – March 3 vs. Toronto
Buffalo Sabres – February 25 @ Colorado
Columbus Blue Jackets – February 25 vs. NY Islanders
Dallas Stars – February 24 vs. Arizona
Detroit Red Wings – February 28 @ Vancouver
Minnesota Wild – February 27 vs. Los Angeles
San Jose Sharks – February 25 @ Vancouver
St. Louis Blues – February 26 @ Chicago
Vancouver Canucks – February 25 vs. San Jose
Winnipeg Jets – February 28 vs Minnesota


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