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Daily fantasy players who have been waiting for the major-league baseball season to get underway have two reasons to be excited. Not only is the MLB campaign around the corner, but FanDuel is implementing a dramatic change to the way you build your lineup – and it rewards players diligent enough to keep an eye on which players are in the starting lineup, and which players are sitting out.

The late swap feature, which will be introduced when MLB games get underway, allows DFS participants to make lineup swaps as long as the players being switched in and out haven’t started their respective games. No longer do you have to worry about crafting the perfect lineup, only to discover after roster lock that one of your key players is being given the day off.

Here are a few ways you can take advantage of FanDuel’s new late swap feature:

— Whereas in the past, you might have been hesitant to roster players from the West Coast – you often wouldn’t have final rosters for 10 p.m. ET or later starts until after roster lock – you can now confidently choose participants in later games with the knowledge that you can swap out benched players prior to first pitch. This significantly broadens the player pool, allowing you to truly customize your roster without having to worry about late-game lineup holes.

— You can use your results in the earlier games to alter your approach later in the night. Suppose, for example, that you get a handful of better-than-expected performances from players early in a cash-game contest. And suppose that your late-game choices consist primarily of risky options. Knowing you have a comfortable point cushion going into the West Coast games, you can swap out your feast-or-famine players in favor of safe, high-floor options that give you a better chance at finishing in the money.

— Late swap can also help you maximize your tournament potential by giving you access to low-priced bargains you otherwise wouldn’t be able to roster. Players on the weak side of a platoon aren’t always inserted into the lineup every time a left-hander takes the hill – but when they are, the chances are good that they’ll come at a significant discount. Now, you can swap them in as soon as lineups are confirmed – and use the subsequent savings to load up at another position.

— Late swapping is also a great way to hedge when you have multiple lineups that are identical, or close to it. Suppose you’ve entered a guaranteed prize pool tournament multiple times, and your early players have hit the jackpot. You can now opt to go in a variety of different directions with your late roster choices, on the chance that one of them will come through. You’re no longer stuck crossing your fingers and hoping your identical lineups hold up.

Be sure to use late swap once FanDuel’s MLB games launch. Not only will you be able to comfortably roster players from West Coast games, you can also use the feature to make your lineups even stronger – and enhance your DFS enjoyment as a result.


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