Find a last-minute place to crash during March Madness in Vegas

Wow, this morning I realized that we’re less than a month away from the first weekend of March Madness. That’s exciting and scary. I should probably get plans squared away on where I want to watch the games soon. Since I live in Las Vegas, I won’t have to worry about hotel rooms. Thankfully.

People have been booking rooms for the first weekend of March Madness since last year and rates are ticking up above average as usual. The cheapest hotel rooms on the Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas start around $110-$130 per night (before nightly resort fees) while luxury hotel rooms start closer to $300.

The least expensive suites around town are starting in the mid-$200 range per night (again, before nightly resort fees). The higher-than-normal room rates don’t come as much of a surprise since this is the trend for all major events in Las Vegas. We should expect prices will continue to rise as the first weekend of March Madness approaches.

In the past, you might be out of luck looking for a relatively inexpensive place to stay for March Madness at the last minute. Have no fear, a new last-minute option that may offer a sweet deal is here. The sharing economy that brought us Uber and Lyft for less expensive ground transportation also brings Airbnb which offers unique accommodation options when travelling.

In brief, Airbnb allows people to list their house or condo for rent over a short period of time. Airbnb provides different options from traditional hotel rooms. The housing options are different in every city. In Las Vegas, you can find properties on and off the Vegas Strip that come in different shapes, sizes and prices. There are off-strip houses for rent, standalone condos, hotel condos and hotel-casino condo suites. You can stay anywhere from someone’s house a few minutes from the Vegas Strip to a condo in downtown Las Vegas to the Cosmopolitan.

Prices don’t fall in line with traditional travel sites so you can find some serious deals. A check of rates this morning showed a house for four people just off the Vegas Strip renting for $105 per night (plus $100 cleaning fee) during the first weekend of March Madness, the condo in downtown Las Vegas was just under $200 (plus $100 cleaning) and the suite at the Cosmopolitan was just over $300 with no resort fee.

The prices and options are all over the place but Airbnb might be the best option for anyone making last-minute plans to visit Las Vegas during one of the best weekends of the year for sports fans and bettors. 

Airbnb is a new concept for many people and there may be questions since you’re not renting a room from a traditional hotelier. I recommend you visit their website for details on how the process works.


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