Florida’s Dorian Finney-Smith to return for senior season


Florida forward Dorian Finney-Smith is going to return to Gainesville for his senior season. The school released an announcement saying that Finney-Smith gathered information regarding potentially turning pro.

Finney-Smith, aka “Doe-Doe,” made the decision to come back for his fifth-year senior season Tuesday after a long meeting with Coach Billy Donovan and enlisting the input of NBA scouts regarding his draft potential.

He took the floor for individual instructions Thursday afternoon.

“I got all the information I needed to make a decision,” said Finney-Smith, who led the team in both scoring (13.1 points per game) and rebounding (6.2 per game) and garnered second-team All-Southeastern Conference honors during the 2014-15 season. “He didn’t pressure me into anything, but rather let me be a grown man. Coach D is a mentor to me, I trust him and I’m happy and anxious to have another year with him.”

Finney-Smith is kind of caught between positions on the next level as a 6-foot-7 power forward with some wing skill. He was not on my top-100 big board for the NBA draft, but he will certainly be on the way-too-early edition of it for next season.

The key for Finney-Smith to consolidate his stock is two-fold. First, he must replicate his shooting performance from last season, after knocking down 43 percent of his four 3-pointers per game. Second, if he could develop perimeter skills in order to move to the wing full-time in the NBA, that would be a boon to his NBA potential. Those skills would involve improving his ball-handling, and showing a higher comfort level defending on the perimeter. He’s athletic enough to become a full-time small forward, he just needs more experience to prove that he can make an faster impact, given that he’ll be 23 on draft day next season.

Dorian Finney-Smith will return to Gainesville for his senior season. (USATSI)
Dorian Finney-Smith will return to Gainesville for his senior season. (USATSI)


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