Future Odds and Picks: Russell Westbrook For MVP?

Since the All Star Break, Russell Westbrook Has Propelled Himself as the Favorite to Win the MVP. Vegas Sports Betting will discuss the odds and give our picks

Russell Westbrook returned on Wednesday with a fourth triple-double  He followed that performance last night with 43 points against the Bulls. This is an Incredible streak for the one who was always Lieutenant to Kevin Durant and in turn puts him as contender for MVP. 

A rapid return Russell Westbrook , everyone is used to it. The leader of the Thunder is often criticized for being a player who does as he pleases, desperately seeking media coverage. One must also recognize, however, that this is a player who is committed to his team, a leader who knows how to make his teammates look better, and an excellent lieutenant to last years MVP, Kevin Durant . 

Wednesday night against the 76ers, Russell Westbrook got his fourth triple-double.Certainly, the Philadelphia franchise is one to let their opponents make break records, but Westbrook  just joined only Michael Jordan to have four triple doubles.He had achieved such a feat in 1989. Since being named MVP of the All Star Game, Westbrook has been averaging 35 points, 9.8 assists and 10.8 rebounds. This year, Durant could hear the audience scream MVP, but this time for his Thunder point guard 

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Here are some figures that show how Westbrook  is on and off the court 

0 and 51 : Russell Westbrook has missed 51 games in a season and a half, but during his first five seasons, he missed just one.  

 3 : Besides Westbrook having four triple doubles in a row, he is also only the third player with Jordan and Pete Maravich to have achievedtwo consecutive triple doubles while scoring 40 points. His recent performances earned him also the top spot in league scoring.With an average of 27 points game, he surpassed his former teammate James Harden . 

 5 : Westbrook is one of five NBA players to have scored 4,000 points , 1,000 rebounds and 1,500 assists during his first three NBA seasons. He joins LeBron James , Oscar Robertson ,Anfernee Hardaway and  Chris Paul . 

 6 : He leads the league with four triple doubles this season 

 9 : Westbrook best chance to get the MVP award last was in 2013. He averaged 23.2 points (44% FG%, 32% 3pt%), 7.4 assists and 5.2 rebounds in 35 minutes per game. 

 18 : He is the 18th highest paid player in the league, tied with Kevin Love and Brook LopezWesbrook is also the 82nd highest paid athlete in the world. 

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If the NBA and its journalists, who love to rely on numbers rather than facts, took the time to look at what Westbrook has done this season, they will no doubt choose him as MVP. The only obstacle is having his team being ranked in the top three of the western conference which usually does not bode well with voters.  


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