Glenny Balls Super Bowl Picks


I had a chat with the one and only Glenny Balls from Barstool Sports earlier in the week to get his takes and picks for Super Bowl 51. Check out the video above to see what side of the line Mr. Balls falls and if he’ll be getting some action on the record-setting total.

We also talk about our favorite prop bets heading into Sunday and where there’s easy money to be won. Take a look at our Ultimate Super Bowl 51 Betting page to find the betting lines for all the props we discuss and make sure to browse through it to see if anything else pops out to you.

For Glenny’s full breakdown of the upcoming Super Bowl, check out his Glenny and the Bets column over at and make sure to browse the NFL section on our site for our in-depth coverage of all things related to betting on the Super Bowl.

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Need some more action? Download our Super Bowl props party game and lay down some friendly wagers with the ones you love. If you value the relationships you have with your friends and families, however, I’d suggest keeping the bets below the cost of a Super Bowl ticket. 

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