Here’s why being born in St. Louis is your best ticket to becoming a major-leaguer

Where do baseball players come from?

This isn’t going to be a lecture on the wonders of procreation. Rather, this is a cursory of examination of what the data tell us. Doing the heavy lifting is, whose Hometown Heroes feature, using Sports-Reference birthplace data, gives us a snapshot of this info.

That brings us to the following pleasing and informative but of visual art …

St. Louis, come on down! Obviously, this is sourced from place-of-birth records, which can differ from where the newborn baseball-ist lived or spent the majority of his formative years. If you wish, think of this as a glimpse of which town’s neo-natal units have the best baseball development protocols. Yes, that’s definitely the key takeaway.

So now that we know the municipal heavyweight champion, let’s take a look at things at the state level (other sports included as a bonus!) …

D.C., which is not a state, come on down! Pennsylvania, which is an actual state, you come on down, too! Interesting to see that the three large, warm-weather hotbeds of amateur baseball talent — California, Florida, and Texas — aren’t to be found. Their sizeable populations likely hurt them on the per-capita level, but they’d no doubt show up high on a list of gross baseball outputs.

People, go forth and have baseball babies.


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