How Do NBA Playoff Win Streaks Perform Against The Spread?


The Golden State Warriors have broken the NBA all-time record for consecutive playoff wins with 14 following a win over the Cleveland Cavs in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. 

The Warriors are 10-4 against the spread on the current streak. Below is a list of the best playoff streaks in NBA history and their betting records (if available). 


(May 19)

If there’s such thing as a ‘quiet’ playoff winning streak that’s also historic, then the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors both appear to be on them. 

Their epic win tears seem to be worth little more than a yawn while fans await these two teams to reach the NBA Finals. 

I thought it was worth a look for bettors, though, to see where these winning streaks stack up and to see whether betting on them against the spread is a good idea. Turns out, these teams cover a lot when they win. That’s usually bad for sportsbooks because bettors typically like to pile on a good win streak. 

Take a look and keep this in mind with your handicapping as the Cavs and Dubs aim to continue their runs.  Note: Our database didn’t go back far enough for the top two longest streaks for the Lakers and Pistons.  (Updated as of June 5.)

Longest playoff NBA winning streaks
Team Year(s) Games won ATS O/U
Warriors 2017 (active) 14 10-4 10-4
Lakers 1988 to 1989 13 N/A N/A
Pistons 1989 to 1990 12 N/A N/A
Spurs 1999 12 9-3 4-8
Lakers 2000 to 2001 12 10-2 7-5
Cavaliers 2016 to 2017  12 8-2-2 7-4-1
Nets 2003 10 7-1-2 6-4
Spurs 2012 10 7-3 3-7
Cavaliers 2016 10 7-3 3-5-2

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