In Vegas for the NFC title game? Check out these Seahawks and Packers bars


Watching football in a Las Vegas sportsbook is great. Nowhere else in America will you find so many people rooting, watching and betting on games.

Part of what makes the experience of watching football in the book so great is seeing so many people rooting for a wide variety of teams. You’ll run into packs of people cheering for different teams because of financial interests or simply because they’re fans.

There’s a bond and camaraderie that football fans and bettors have that you don’t find in other sports. When it comes to the playoffs things change a little. If you’re a fan of a particular team during the playoffs you might not find the variety of fan so much fun. The fan sometimes takes priority since there are less games to bet on.

We’re deep into the playoffs now with the conference championship games this weekend. A Super Bowl appearance is on the line and the novelty of fans of different teams may not be as appealing as it was during Week 8 of the NFL season. Luckily, Vegas has an answer for that.

Las Vegas, like other cities, has designated team bars to watch football games. Fans of particular teams gather in specific bars where everyone is rooting for that one team. These bars change affiliation every year, so they’re not always easy to find. The bar across the street from me went from Patriots to 49ers to no affiliation in the past three years.

As we head into the conference championship games, NFC fans may want to find a bar with like-minded Seahawks or Packers fans. Unfortunately, Patriots and Colts fans will have to make due with a mixed crowd. Here’s are a couple great bars for Seahawks and Packers fans. Note: Face Painting is optional.

Scooters Pub
6200 Rainbow Blvd.

Scooters Pub is THE Seahawks bar in Las Vegas and is the Vegas chapter of Sea Hawkers Booster Club, which is the official booster club of the Seattle Seahawks. The bar has been featured in local newspapers and will be packed for the game this weekend.

As their Facebook page said for last week’s game, “We are not going to run out of beer, but you can bet we’ll run out of seats.”

You can rest assured this NFC Championship game will be just as packed. Show up early and nosh on their $5 menu which includes chicken wings and, personal favorite, chicken parm sliders.

Big Dogs Draft House
4543 N. Rancho Drive

Their Packer Backer’s club is summed up by Vince Lombardi’s famous quote “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing”.

If you’re a Packers fan and live in Las Vegas, you’re probably already a Packer Backer and receive all the perks that come with membership. If you’re visiting from the Frozen Tundra, make sure you arrive early at the bar for the game which will be packed with over 200 Packers fans.

There are beer and food specials for all football games and plenty of screens to watch the game on. The food menu is full of Wisconsin favorites, including brats and lots of cheeses. Beer drinkers will note the great selection including Big Dog’s own brews.


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