Iowa State, Kentucky and Duke fall in the CBS Sports Top 25 (and one)

Iowa State, Kentucky and Duke were all ranked in the top seven of the preseason Associated Press poll. And all three have the potential to be good. But, truth be told, none of them have accomplished much on an actual basketball court this season.

Iowa State has zero wins over currently ranked teams — and a loss to unranked UNI. Kentucky’s only top-45 KenPom win is a win over a Duke team that’s still looking for its first win over a currently ranked team. And Duke is 1-2 against top-50 KenPom teams with the lone win coming over an Indiana team that’s also lost to UNLV and Wake Forest.

Like I said, there’s not much there.

And that’s why the Cyclones, Wildcats and Blue Devils each took big falls in Sunday’s CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) after all three lost Saturday to currently unranked schools. Simply put, their resumes have losses to unranked teams and lack the notable wins necessary to offset those losses. It’s impossible to argue otherwise when looking at things honestly.

(The CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) updates every morning throughout the season. Click this link to view each team’s previous ranking, recent results, future schedule, etc.)

      1. Michigan State (12-0)
      2. Kansas (9-1)
      3. Maryland (10-1)
      4. Oklahoma (8-0)
      5. Virginia (9-1)
      6. Xavier (11-0)
      7. North Carolina (9-2)
      8. Louisville (9-1)
      9. Providence (11-1)
      10. Arizona (10-1)
      11. Miami (9-1)
      12. Butler (9-1)
      13. Cincinnati (10-2)
      14. George Washington (10-1)
      15. Villanova (8-2)
      16. Purdue (11-1)
      17. SMU (9-0)
      18. West Virginia (9-1)
      19. Iowa State (9-1)
      20. Kentucky (9-2)
      21. Duke (9-2)
      22. Texas A&M (9-2)
      23. Baylor (8-2)
      24. Connecticut (6-3)
      25. UCLA (8-4)
      26. Gonzaga (8-3)

Coach K (USATSI)
Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is not happy after losing to Utah. (USATSI)


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