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Now that you can play online casino games on your iPad, the only thing you need to do is decide when you want to get started. As iPads have grown in popularity, mobile casino games have grown right along with them. Many iPad owners are not aware that now there are plenty of options for great casino games, whether for free play or real money, available right on their device. To learn more, including games available, how to find out where to play and free and real money information, keep reading.

iPad Casino Games

When you start looking for casino games options to play on your iPhone, you are pretty much stuck finding an online casino that has a custom mobile solution. This makes the games fit and work on a small screen like an iPhone. When you have an iPad, you may have additional options. You can of course play the mobile versions designed for iPads and iPhones, but you may also be able to play the Mac versions because you have a larger screen at your disposal. The advantage to being able to play the non-mobile version is that there are usually a wider range of games available and the graphics tend to be better because the software is designed to be run on something with more resources than a cell phone.

Most mobile gaming software platforms offer some slot machine games, blackjack and roulette. Others will add video poker games, craps and baccarat. As the number of mobile casino providers increases, more and more games become available. Many platforms offer only a small percentage of the slot machines that they offer on their download or no download casino versions, so if you are looking for a particular slots game make sure you check if it is available on the mobile version. Don’t assume the casino offers it for iPad just because it is in their main software package.

Does My Casino Work on iPad?

The main thing you need to look for to find out if the casino where you want to play will work on your iPad is a mobile or iOS link. Almost every casino that offers mobile gaming supports iPads and iPhones, but never assume they do without verifying it first. Casinos that offer iPad compatible gaming will list the devices supported on their main page or on their mobile page.

Free iPad Casinos

When you only are interested in playing free casino games you can find plenty of options in the iTunes store. However, I always recommend finding a mobile online casino that offers real money play as well, because the software and selection tends to be much better. You still will never be forced to play for real money, but why settle for anything less than the very best? Also, you never know what the future may hold. You may decide you want to try a few hands of blackjack for real money or take a shot at a huge progressive slots jackpot. If you already have a free account you will be able to quickly convert to a real money one and start playing.

Real Money iPad Casinos

When you want to play casino games for real money on your iPad, you will need to look beyond the iTunes store. Many online casinos have developed mobile gaming platforms that offer real money play to owners of iPads and iPhones. Once you find a few options for your real money play, see what kinds of bonus offers they have for the games you enjoy. If you are a slots player you are in luck, because the biggest bonuses are usually reserved for slot machine players. Plus, any slots play will usually count toward clearing a bonus. When you want to play roulette, blackjack or another mobile game, see what bonuses are available for you. If you don’t see anything specifically for your game, ask the support department. Some casinos offer general deposit bonuses that may look like they are for play on any game, but you can’t be sure unless you read the conditions and terms attached to the bonus. For example, some casinos won’t allow you to play roulette, craps or blackjack while clearing a bonus and others will only count your play on these types of games as a small percentage toward clearing your bonus.

iPad Casinos Conclusion

It is a wonderful time to be a casino games player and own an iPad. There are more and more options for game play being introduced all of the time. In addition, the games that are offered are improving in game play, speed, sounds and graphics. Just follow the advice listed above and you will be playing a few hands of blackjack or taking a few spins on a great slot machine in no time whether you are at home or out and about with your iPad.


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