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When the Internet started gaining momentum as a great way to find information quickly and learn new things, you pretty much had to use a desk top computer that was actually connected to the Internet by a cord or cable of some kind. As technology improved you could use a lap top and a wireless signal in many places. Now, many homes have their own wireless networks set up to use the Internet. Technology has now reached the point where you can enjoy many of your favorite casino games on your iPhone.

iPhone Casino Games

While mobile casino software platforms are getting better and better, they still don’t have quite as many games offered as full download versions often do. However, you can still usually play your favorite games on your iPhone, unless your favorite game isn’t very popular. If you enjoy slot machines you will have the widest options, as there tend to be more slots offered than anything else on mobile platforms. Popular table games like blackjack and roulette are also offered on most mobile casinos. You can also find ones offering video poker variations, craps, baccarat and other games.

The easiest way to see if the games you want to play are available is just start playing. Because you can play for free (see below) and can start playing right away, there is no reason not to try out a few different mobile options. Different online casinos have different games and software packages so you might as well start exploring. You can also often find a list of available games for the iPhone under the mobile section of the main casino web site.

Does My Casino Work on iPhone?

There are two easy ways to see if you can play at certain casinos with your iPhone. The first way is to see the suggestions offered on a respected web site like this one with a list of safe iPhone casinos. The other way is to look at the home page of the online casino where you are considering playing. Different casinos list their compatibility in different ways and places, but usually the first thing to look for is a mobile tab or link. It used to be rare for an online casino to offer mobile games, but now mobile gaming platforms are more available than ever.

Most casinos that offer mobile gaming do have it available for play on your iPhone, but don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can play just because they have a mobile casino available. There are a wide range of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, Android phones, Windows devices and Blackberry devices. The best bet is to check the listed devices that are supported by the software. If you don’t see your device listed or if you can’t find the information the next step is to contact the support department of the casino.

Free iPhone Casinos

Of course there seem to be thousands of “free” games available in the iTunes store, but when we are talking about casino games and online casinos here we mean ones where you can play for free or for real money. If you just want to play free blackjack or slots it may be okay to play an iTunes version, but my suggestion is to play the free version offered by one of the real online casinos. The software and game play will be better and you never know when you might decide to try your luck for a few dollars or even get a free chip offer. If you have already signed up to play for free at an online mobile casino the transition will be smooth and easy if you do start playing for real money.

Real Money iPhone Casinos

When you get ready to start playing real money casino games on your iPhone, you will have plenty of choices. Take a quick look around to find an attractive bonus to help your bankroll last longer and try your favorite games for free before depositing. There are different software platforms so you are bound to like some better than others. Take a few minutes to play the free games offered by your casino before making a deposit. That way you can make sure you not only like the game play but you will also know how the game and controls work.

iPhone Casinos Conclusion

Playing casino games on your iPhone is a great way to pass the time while you are waiting in line or on a break. Even if you just want to play a few hands of blackjack or take a few spins on the slots while you are sitting around the house, having a casino or two on your iPhone sure can come in handy. And who knows; maybe that trip to the dentist or doctor will end up with you hitting a nice win while you are in the waiting room.


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